August 11, 2010

Home Ec : Project #1

I got a late start on Home Ec.. I was having a weird problem with my bobbin winder last night, but I figured it out! I was proud of myself for fixing it without bursting into tears. I definitely had a moment of panic, but I controlled the water works.

I had fun with this little project. Ric rac is one of my favorite embellishments. The project was napkins.
I ended up throwing them over my oven though as little decorative dish clothes.

I'm ready to start project #2 & #3 tomorrow!

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  1. Ah! Yours came out so beautiful! My ricrac placement was pretty crappy... On one of the sides it looked like there wasn't even any ricrac. Hopefully I have better luck with another project.

    Nonetheless, kudos to you for making them so pretty!

  2. I love ricrac! and I love the fabric... good job, girl!