January 18, 2011

Working Girl

(My attempt at documenting my outfit today.
I swear to stop being lazy & start using my tripod one of these days - like a true blogger! ;) )
Lightning bolt printed dress & cardigan : Francescas
Scarf : H&M
Tights : Express
Boots : Steven Maddden
(paid a cool $14 by purchasing them consignment)

I like to pretend that Tuesday is the beginning of my week. (Who needs Mondays anyway!?) I usually don't go into work until 5pm on Mondays, which allows me the entire day to laze about as if it were lazy Sunday...again. However on Tuesdays, I report to work at 9:30am & promptly leave when that clock strikes 5:30. This makes me feel more "normal," however I really do love my erratic, retail schedule!

Today was a very busy Tuesday which included re-merchandising alot of displays at the shop & then babysitting for a few hours after work. I work at a women's boutique called Francesca's Collections. What is great about this company is that it is a large corporate company (with stores in 38 states) that runs alot like a small business. We have almost complete control over the merchandising of the store, including the window & table displays. We are also able to request our own events & sales that are unique to our location. The actual brick & morter stores are also very small so we have very few employees (only 7, actually!) At first I was unsure if I fit in there, being that the pace is alot slower than my previous job with Anthropologie. But I've found my niche in merchandising & all the girls I work with really make my time worth while. I find myself becoming more & more driven to get my own shop up & running sooner than later.

A few photos from my day...

Can you believe we are already selling sandals!?


  1. I'm loving the new hair color.

  2. thank you! i'm very pleased with the way it came out. :)