February 5, 2011

What's in my bag?

I absolutely love posts like this & they starting popping up all over the blogosphere this past week. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon & show you what's in my bag!

I've been carrying around the Louis Vuitton speedy bag for a year a half now. It is literally the only bag I carry unless I am going to a show or concert, then I switch to a shoulder bag by The Sak. I l-o-v-e my speedy & have every intention of using this bag until the handles fall off. I despise shoulder bags so it's a great alternative.

I try to keep my purse mess to a minimum, but it often gets a bit out of control. The amount of things I'm carrying around now is usually the norm though*.

wallet (Francesca's); make-up bag (Target);
leather gloves (U.O.); lotion (Burt's Bees);
perfumes (Victoria's Secret in Noir & Love Rocks);
bobby pins; keys; iphone; hair clip; Shout wipes;
2 pens; mini notebook; loose change;
brush & foundation (Bare Minerals);
lipgloss (I.D. Lip Venom);
lip balm & chapstick (C.O. Bigelow);

*On occasion, I carry sunglasses, my camera, & my day planner.

What's in your bag?
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  1. I definitely want to own a speedy one day, but I probably wont be able to afford one till I'm done with school.