March 12, 2011

what I wore

dress - francescas; belt - target; boots - steve madden

I didn't plan on posting again until tomorrow. But lo & I am! If pale skin isn't really your thing, I suggest you just skip these 'What I Wore' posts for the next six months. The weather is getting warmer which means no more tights! Unfortunately, for you, that means getting to see my ghostly skin, which doesn't really change much over the summer. I'm not much of a tanner & I can't say I really enjoy being outside in these Tennessee summers. However, I do love spring & plan on taking full advantage of it this year. So maybe my skin will get a little sun. Maybe.

I have a confession. This dress is my most favorite purchase in a long time. That means I like to wear this dress. ALOT. I wore it out last night to meet some girlfriends at this great new wine bar in downtown Franklin called JJ's Wine Bar (& then I wore the dress to work today). If you're a fan of self-service ice cream places like Sweet Cece's, but prefer somewhere less kid friendly, than JJ's is the place for you. You're given a card which tracks your purchases, & you basically walk around tasting wine out of these self-serve machines that dispense wine. You can choose to taste the wine, or have a half-glass pour or full-glass pour. It's an ingenius idea! They have lots of wine to choose from that ranges from very low-priced to very, very high. The staff was super friendly too. I'll admit, I think those boys were just excited to see a few pretty, young things in there since downtown Franklin isn't really bumpin' with 20-somethings on a Friday night. ;)

I'm having a little get together tomorrow with some friends for wine, games, & good conversation. Hopefully we'll remember to snap a few photos!


  1. Lovely dress n great style x

  2. That dress is perfect for spring.

    That wine bar seems like such a great idea, I wish we had one out here!

  3. If it makes you feel better, after two months of non-stop tanning in South East Asia I was constantly asked if I had just arrived because I was so pale!

    That wine bar is insane, I have never heard of anything like that but it would be so popular in Edinburgh