July 5, 2011

American rain, American rain

fourth of july fireworks

The 4th of July was pretty perfect. My day was spent at the mall window shopping while waiting for my lovely new Ray Bans. I somehow scratched the lenses of the pair that I've been recently wearing. It cost less to just buy new ones so that's exactly what I did. I went with the new wayfarers. Big, black & round! Love.

lileigh ray bans new wayfarers

The evening was spent at Logan's for a little American get together. Beer, hot dogs, & lots of new faces. We headed downtown to watch fireworks & enjoyed each others company at the end of the night. Sadly, a very close friend of Logan's was in a bad bicycle accident while on her way to the firework show. She'll probably be in the hospital for a bit so my thoughts are with her & fingers are crossed for a fast recovery. It's amazing how quickly your circumstances can change - for good or bad. Accidents happen but boy, I wish they didn't. <3

grill out
lileigh friends


  1. Sounds like the perfect 4th!! Hope your boy's friend makes a swift recovery!

  2. wow, what fun pictures! that is a great one of the firework. awesome.