February 27, 2011

sunday, bloody sunday

It's amazing how quickly a week comes & goes. I sit in my bed every Sunday night pondering where on earth the time went & how I managed to be so unproductive?!

This past weekend was quiet one, yet a thrilling one (in my head). I spent a few hours at a wine event on Friday night & a few hours with girlfriends tonight at a little get together for the Oscars (where we massacred those poor, innocent cupcakes). Other than that, my time was spent at home, by myself, in my own head. Oh yes, & at work with hundreds of happy shoppers...how could I forget?!

With alone time comes time to think, time to steady the pace, quiet the mind, & prioritize. I woke up extra early this morning to enjoy a quick breakfast with my parents, then I headed out for a jog in the neighborhood. Even though I live in a neighborhood, I'm able to feel a bit closer to nature since we're out here in the country. I loved looking up at the tree tops & seeing all the birds perched before the storm came rolling through. There's still alot of open field here that I like to run too. I stand on the edge as if not to fall in & be overtaken by the tall grass. I like watching the wind - pondering where my life is at this moment & where it might be heading in the near future.

I can't say I answered too many of life's questions on that run this morning, but I decided that I enjoy mornings & I need to wake up & give myself time to enjoy them a little more. Being productive is not my strongest suit but I'm really hoping to change that this year. I have alot of things I want to accomplish (including growing this little ol' blog!). I just need to actually be awake for more hours of the day so I can be more proactive with my goals.
I'm welcoming Spring with wide open arms this year.

oh, & p.s.
here's what the cupcakes looked like before...

poor guys.


  1. fab pictures! what camera do you use doll? xoxo.

  2. I actually used my iphone for those w/ the instragram app. :)