February 12, 2011

Through the Looking Glass (of an iphone).

bff shad & I

I've been a bit of an anti-social butterfly here lately. Keeping to myself for the most part & not doing alot more than working. This weekend most definitely made up for that though! Although I did work alot, I managed to have some pretty good nights with my friends.

Friday night was spent celebrating my dear friend, Jesse's 23rd birthday party. We danced for what seemed like hours. I think I probably sweated enough to lose a few pounds. Cute, eh? Tonight was spent with my besties seeing Jesse's band play, The Gills. These boys just moved up here from Florida & are incredibly talented. I think they're going to do really well here. I took a video of them playing one of their originals which you can see here.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day celebrations with my girlfriends. We'll be enjoying a lovely dinner at J. Alexanders, then it's off to JUSTIN BIEBER'S NEVER SAY NEVER! I imagine we'll be the oldest gals in the theatre. But who can resist that pint sized popstar!? Not me. No way.

I'll be back Monday.

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