February 9, 2011

what I wore

What I Wore : to secret shop, run errands, & get stuck in the snow for 2 hours.

hat & scarf - Francesca's; blouse - Old Navy; cardigan - Target; jeans - F21; boots - Steve Madden

I'll have you know, I had every intention of taking photos outside today in the pretty winter daylight. I had my tripod set-up & my car heat blasting. Alas, my camera battery was dead. WTH!? So I charged that sucker & was forced to take photos inside when I returned...& the sun was down. Damn. So, pardon the terrible lighting & quality of these.

I had an extremely productive day which included a morning yoga session, cleaning house, & running a few errands. My friend Emily had me secret shop her store. If you work retail, you know what a pain it is when you find out you've been secret shopped. I've never secret shopped myself though, so it was pretty fun! I felt like a spy.

I then found myself stuck in the middle of a snow blizzard. It came down FAST. It took me two hours to go roughly 15 miles. At one point, my jeep spun out of control & ran right into a median. I felt absolutely hopeless & leaned my head against the steering wheel, trying not to cry. My parents are out of town & all my friends drive 2-wheel drive cars. Who would help me!? Luckily, I heard a knock on my window a few moments later & a kind gentleman helped back my car out & ease it back on the road. Minimal car damage & I am indeed, A-OHKAY! However, I witnessed an SUV tumble into a ditch right outside my neighborhood. My fingers are crossed for everyone who found themselves in some sort of accident tonight.

I came home & treated myself to a large batch of homestyle mac & cheese.
Here's to hoping tomorrow is a breeze.


  1. Oh Wow! You are seriously CUTE!

    & so is your blog. You got yourself a new follower!! :)

  2. you look cute, like always!
    i'm such a giant baby when it comes to driving in the snow. i'm officially tired of winter right now.

    what exactly do you do when you secret shop?

  3. i think you look fab miss...i heart the whole look ♥ scarf hat and all :) xo

  4. thanks ladies! :)

    @janeboston - you basically shop around like a normal customer but you have to pay close attention to what the employees are doing & if they're being professional, etc. you also have to make sure they greet you/tell you about promos/etc, & do everything they're supposed to at check-out. lots to think about!

  5. Early morning yoga is the best way to start your day. Im sure Ive said it before but I love your scarf. So perfect for Winter. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. Hope you have no more accidents. Siobhan xx