March 29, 2011

what i wore : dressing like a pro

jeans - express; shirt - bcbg generation; silk blazer - urban outfitters; shoes - matty's (dsw)

I didn't realize how colorful my wardrobe has been lately until donning this nearly all black ensemble. Black used to make up the bulk of my closet, even in the spring. I think my personal style is finally starting to grow & settle into a different place though. & that place is colorful!
I also can't believe I'm wearing flared jeans again! I think the Rachel Zoe bug bit me.

Anywho, today was a BIG day. I had an interview with a company that I am very much looking forward to working for (that is, if the opportunity fits!). I had my first interview with Boswell's Harley Davidson in Nashville. My second interview is on Friday, which is where all of the nitty gritty will be discussed. If you're a friend of mine, you realize how fitting this job would be. Leather, studs, burley bearded motorcycle dudes with tattoos...I mean, it's practically screaming my name! In all seriousness, Harley Davidson is a great company to be involved with. I would be a visual merchandiser/buyer for one of their locations here in Nashville. It's a company I could really picture myself growing with so fingers are crossed! I would appreciate it if you'd cross yours too. :)

Tonight I'm having another go at JJ's Wine Bar! I have a feeling this is going to be a great summer hangout...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Adorbs! I need an outfit like this for interviews! I was thinking I wear too much color!

  2. I love this outfit. All black can look a bit dull but the different shapes here really work. Good luck with the job. That sounds like a brilliant opportunity.