March 27, 2011

Artist Spotlight : Rosie Hardy

Today's post spotlights photographer, Rosie Hardy, who was featured in my last TILT post. As mentioned before, I've been a fan of her work since it first got out to the interwebz (2 or 3 years ago?). She first started with self portraits for a 365 project. Her work has changed alot over time but there has always been something both haunting & delicate in all of her photographs. I feel like if her photographs had personalities, they would all be very moody.

Rosie is a 20 year old photographer based out of the UK. Yes, you read that right - only 20! Although I see most of her work only online, she shot the cover of the most recent Maroon 5 album, Hands All Over, which I found to be incredibly exciting! It seems like she's accomplished alot for being so young, which is well deserved in my opinion since her talent is so obvious.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Links to Rosie's work :


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  2. These pictures are incredible. I love the wedding pictures on her blog, they are the opposite of the horrid, cheesy pictures people usually have of their weddings.Such a talented artist.

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