March 2, 2011

what I wore

What I Wore: to get coffee, bump into good friends, & have dinner with my bestie.

fedora & blouse - francescas; scarf - urban outfitters (it's got wolves printed on it!); jeans - forever 21; shoes - city flats from gap

Today is my day off. Say it with me people, I HAVE A DAY OFF! Days off come few & far between in my life. Working retail is one of those jobs, that even if you only work a five or six hour shift, you feel like you've just run a marathon. Retail is exhausting on your mind, body, & spirit because let's face it...people are mean! Of course, your average shopper is rather kind & understanding. They like to get in, peruse your shop for a quick minute, & purchase whatever it is they came in for. But when you live in a place like Franklin, TN - the shoppers can be a bit unkind. There's some sort of entitlement floating around in the air here & everybody seems entitled to just about everything. However, I love my job & I'm just crossing my fingers that I can make a living doing what I love for forever & ever. Amen.

So, like I was saying. I have the day off. It's a cool 63 degrees outside & I'm enjoying an iced latte at starbucks while I catch up on blog reading. Tonight I'm having dinner with bff Kayla & very much looking forward to it.

Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday! :)


  1. Cute outfit. I hear you, working retail is HARD. Being on your feet all day, running about, having people being mean to you is exhausting. So is trying to look busy for hours on end when the shop is empty. Big love to shop girls