March 1, 2011

what I wore

What I Wore : to work!

blouse - francesca's ; skirt - urban outfitters ; tights - express (best tights ever) ; shoes - city flats by gap

I always see March 1st as the first day of Spring, even though I know good & well that it isn't. But doesn't that grass look green!? Today I had a quick four hour shift at Francesca's. We were supposed to have a visit from our regional manager at that time but of course she showed right after I left. You'll have to excuse my awful hair color at the moment. It sort of looks green in natural light, & my roots always appear grey since I'm a natural blonde. I'm hopefully getting it colored in the next week though. Phew!

I'm always a bit worried about stuffing this blouse into a cotton skirt. All that added fabric can make a girl look a bit bulky around the hips. Oh well though! I try not to concern myself with that age old question, "Does this make me look fat?" I wear what makes me feel comfortable and if someone doesn't like it, then tough! ;)

Tonight I'm having dinner with my lovely parents then heading up to Nashville to have drinks with a girlfriend. Excited for some no, nonsense girl time. :)


  1. you are so adorable. i can't stand it! the color of that skirt is gorgeousss!

  2. LOVE IT! especially the skirt and shirt... aren't city flats amazing?! I bought some when I still worked there and I'm regretting not buying 8 pairs..

  3. love your top! i've heard a few people say nice things about the express tights, i need to check them out.

  4. You're so super cute! :D What is the tattoo of on your wrist?

  5. thank you ladies! :)

    @tiffany - the tattoo on my wrist is a dragon eat it's tail. the symbol is called an ouroboros. it represents my spiritual beliefs.