March 7, 2011

what I wore

Happy Monday! :)

What I Wore: to work, peruse Target & grab a latte (vanilla soy. mmm!).

dress - ann taylor loft; sweater - banana republic; necklace - vintage; belt - target; boots - steve madden

Mondays are one of my favorite days. I usually sleep late, spend an hour working out & then head into work around 5pm. It's a verrry relaxing way to start the week. I gather I could wake up early & be a little more productive, but where's the fun in that?

Notice my dark hair is finally back? I feel like myself again. There's just something about dark hair & dark eyebrows that suits me. No way around it, I guess!

& p.s. It's a whopping 50 degrees out. Where did spring go?


  1. How did you dye your hair and what did you do it with? I love it! So jealous.

  2. @Caitlin - I just dyed it with Clairol Nice & Easy. I think it was called Natural Darkest Brown. It's permanent color. This is only the second time home-dying my hair! I prefer getting it done in a salon w/ Aveda color but you really can't beat a $7.99 dye job!

  3. I love the mix of the pastels and the grey in your dress. Very unusual. Great for the transitioning seasons.