March 9, 2011

a word on : tattoos

(very old photo - circa 2008)

I get alot of questions about my tattoos both on the internet & in person. With Spring fast approaching, I thought it would be a perfect time to do a little tattoo post since some people aren't even aware that I have them until I start wearing sandals & short sleeved shirts. I have four tattoos located on my the tops of my feet, my right wrist, & my left arm.

I took the plunge to get my first tattoo at age 18 while in NYC visiting some friends. A small skull & crossbones on my right foot. It bears no deep meaning but is a great representation of my personal style & I absolutely adore it still. I had it done by an artist named Buddha at Red Rocket Tattoo. It was a great first experience, having a few hands to hold since my girlfriends came with me. The tattoo took about 15 minutes & Buddha was a great artist to have as my first. He warned me how addicted I would become to the process of getting inked. & boy was he right!

My second tattoo was done on my left foot. Most definitely the most painful one & the most painful experience of my life. It took about two hours & it was done by Kenny at Lone Wolf in Franklin, TN. He designed the whole thing by hand. I teared up a little when I saw his sketch. This tattoo is my most meaningful one for it is a tribute to my beautiful parents & family. The date of their wedding is written on a banner with their wedding rings resting above it. I got the tattoo on my mother's 50th birthday. My parents cried when they saw it. Success.

Tattoo #3 and #4 were done by John Kline at Lone Wolf again. He and I had a deep connection so I was glad that he could do both. #3 was my Audrey Kawasaki piece, based on one of my favorite drawings by her. #4 was the ouroboros on my right wrist which represents my spiritual beliefs. Tattoos #3 and #4 are incredibly meaningful to me. They're not really something I choose to explain or even enjoy explaining. I think spirituality is a personal journey & it is completely acceptable to not share every aspect of it. They're both very personal tattoo & they help me to refocus every time I look at them.

A side note: I've gotten all but one tattoo completely on my own. No one came with me or visited me in the process. I like to keep the process as sacred as possible & I don't have any plans on ever allowing someone to come with me. I like to get in the zone & get to know my artist or contemplate why on earth I do this to myself (kidding!) ;)

Now onto the nitty gritty: My parents have always been very weary of tattoos. My mother was definitely more open & accepting to them than my father. He took some convincing. His fears have always been that I would have trouble finding a job or that I would regret them later in life. He has most certainly come around & although he will never understand my tattoos, he accepts them. My parents both love asking people about their tattoos now when they have a waiter or bartender who has tattoos. I think it's their way of understanding more, which I am extremely appreciative of. My friends have always been supportive. Surprisingly, only one or two people have tattoos in my close group of friends. However, Nashville is crawling with tattoo-junkies, which makes it entirely more acceptable to have them. My hometown, Franklin, is still coming around. I receive the most stares & criticism while here. This town is as white-bread & stuck up as it gets. Luckily, criticism is not something I deal with alot though. I assume it will get worst as I get more...but maybe not since tattoos are becoming more prominent in almost every town.

I most definitely plan on getting more and hope to have a full half sleeve on my right arm one day. I also have a piece planned for my back (between my shoulder blades). All in time. Tattoos are both expensive & the pain is stressful, so I'm in no hurry! :)


  1. Your arm tattoo is lovely! I'm waiting impatiently for my artist to finish his design for my arm :-)

  2. I have to admit that I am not a massive fan of tattoos. Although they are not for me I never judge anyone who wants to have them, you can do whatever you want to your own body. I do love that each of yours have a special meaning to you and thought has gone into them. The women on your arm is truly mesmerising. I have never seen a tattoo like that before.

  3. Hi, this will freak Lindsey out but I'm her dad and I've grown to admire her tattoos. They're not for me but I've learned (through her) to appreciate body art. I'm especially fond of the Kawasaki piece which is truly a work of art. Those of you who know Lindsey will understand this next comment. Lindsey is an extraordinary young woman destined to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to do. She is unique and gifted in so many ways. While I try to share the wisdom that comes with age with her, I find myself learning from her open and curious spirit. I love you Sis!

  4. I grew up in Franklin in the 90's, and I had tattoos, very colorful hair, etc. It was pretty difficult back then (I'm a bit older) but hopefully they've gotten a little more accepting as time has gone on. I love your tattoos, especially the Kawasaki.

  5. yay! I loved learning about your tattoos. My parents were exactly the same way about mine.