April 20, 2011

Working for the weekend

My new uniform for work.
(cool Harley Davidson tees!)

This week has been absolutely overwhelming. & it's only Wednesday!
I started by new job with Boswell's Harley Davidson on Monday & I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of that company. I have a mountain of work ahead of me & alot to learn but I'm definitely up for the challenge. I'll be the visual merchandiser for three of their locations. In order to merchandise properly, I'm having to learn the product from top to bottom. That means learning why one leather jacket is better than another. & learning how power stretch, mesh liners, & zip vents benefit the customer. I'm also learning how a helmet should properly fit, as well as gloves, riding boots, & goggles. It's ALOT. I never knew so much science went into the design of riding clothes.

Merchandising for these customers is a whole other ball game too. I'm used to helping teenage girls select the proper dress to wear to Friday night's football game. Now I'm having to make clothing look appealing to biker dudes. Biker dudes in biker gangs! Biker dudes with biker wives who want cool biker gear! The targer customer is way different than anything I've ever dealt with. I will say though, these guys (& girls) are the friendliest, most warm-hearted, open people. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms. Even the tough guys.

I'll be back tomorrow (on my day off!) with an outfit post & more. :)

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