September 11, 2011


I first learned about this fun goal writing activity through Elsie. It was a couple years ago now, but I promised myself I would start doing this every year to help give every year more of a purpose. I absolutely love goal writing. My 30-day goal idea feature was sort of a bust. Sometimes a busy schedule gets in the way of accomplishing things you set out to do. However, I think having 365 days to complete these goals will actually allow me to accomplish them. I'll be putting a tab up this week so I can hold myself accountable! I also have this list hanging in my closet where I'll see it every day.

Without further ado, I give you my list of 23 things that I would like to do before turning 24 on August 19th, 2012.

1. Run a 10k.
2. Save $1,000 just for fun.
3. Host a dinner party.
4. Get the blog designed by a graphic designer.
5. Upgrade MacBook (more memory, upgrade to lion, etc).
6. Start half sleeve!
7. Go on a date.
8. Purchase a longboard & hit the road!
9. Go vegan for a week...maybe a month.
10. Get motorcycle license.
11. Have a spa day at Woodhouse Spa.
12. Go to Vegas!
13. Completely transform the Harley shop I manage.
14. Document life more (photos, blogging, journaling, etc)
15. Get in the BEST shape of my life.
16. Start personal training program through ACE.
17. Create my dream bedroom & living space (currently in the works).
18. GIVE MORE. More love, more hugs, more compliments, more kindness.
19. Continue growing my personal style.
20. Take a roadtrip!
21. Read all the books in my possession currently.
22. Get very special tattoo on my back (which is a bit of a secret...).
23. Start new art journal for year 23!

I could elaborate so much on each goal - Why I'm setting out to accomplish this or how I think I'll go about getting it done, but this post would be a million years long! I'll probably elaborate more once I start accomplishing each goal though.

What are you wanting to accomplish in the next year?


  1. I love this list! I may have to steal bits of it! :) I really want to get a tattoo within the next year, move to a new city on my own! Lots to be done, and I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Great list! I hope you achieve everything on it! :) My list is getting there really slowly! eekk!

  3. Number 21 is a real good one for me as well... I buy wayyy too many books and I have 17 books that I still need to read.
    The rest of your list looks good too (I'm already curious about your tattoo).

    What do I want to do this year? Make a trip to New York!