September 24, 2011

Lean to

Happiness is a funny, fickle thing. I've been thinking alot about it lately. What brings me joy, what fills me up, what makes me smile, laugh, fist pump, etc.

I try to find joy in the smallest of things. I get giddy when my latte tastes perfect. I smile happily when the air is cool & crisp, but the sun is still shining. I like to look up at the sky & quietly whisper "more, more, more" when something exciting happens to me. It's my little way of giving thanks to the universe. & it is my belief that when you find true happiness in the small things, & take time to give thanks for all things, the true beauty of your life is revealed & great, big things start happening to you.

A few things that are making me happy lately...
+ Leaning into the vegan lifestyle. It's a lifestyle I want to embrace but not overdo. It's nice having that freedom to say "I eat a mostly vegan diet but I am not a vegan." The choice is mine. Who needs labels anyway?
+ Growing friendships. It's amazing what can happen to a friendship with someone when you really appreciate & cultivate it. I am surrounded by some truly beautiful people.
+ Watching my friends accomplish goals & make life changing decisions. Fist pumps for all!
+ Evening runs. That half hour to an hour that I get to myself after work really fills me up.
+ Silly animal videos on YouTube, baristas greeting me by name & asking if I'm getting my usual, My pup Macallen, Dos Perros, pep talks from my boss, evening rain showers, & not washing my hair every day.

It's the little things, folks. All the little things lead you to all the big things. & I'm looking forward to some life-changing, big moments this year.

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