November 28, 2011


Buzz Light Year
Sometimes you meet someone that inspires you. Sometimes you meet someone that merely peaks your interest. Sometimes you meet someone that shakes you to your core. They evoke feelings inside of you that you have never felt before. That person changes you. Sometimes for a day but sometimes for forever. The only way to be sure is to chase that change. Chase those feelings. Follow them as high or as low as they'll take you. Guard your heart in the process but trust that the world is working in your favor because sometimes the world has no choice. Maybe you're at your all time low, you've lost everything you have to lose. Your faith is shaken and your hope is sparse.

Give trust a try.

& run...don't walk. Don't look back. Don't question your heart's motive or your intuition's ability.

Trust. Chase.


  1. Love love love this post. Good inspiration to read before a job interview. Thanks! :)

  2. @April - I'm so glad! Good luck at your interview!

  3. love the words... trust, chase!!

    <3 steffy