February 4, 2012


timex heart monitor
(My Timex heart monitor that I L-O-V-E)

I've been making alot of little changes in my life recently. In hopes of keeping myself accountable for these, I wanted to blog about the one I'm most excited about. GETTING IN SHAPE!

2011 was dedicated to a year of being a better me. I took huge strides & was able to rid myself of alot of negativity and guilt that I had been carrying around for a long time. I spent most of the year focusing on my diet & learning as much as I could about my body & how I should be treating it. Although I had my moments, like when I ordered two dinner entrees while in Florida (hey, it was my birthday!), it was an overall success. I consistently worked out the entire year & maintained the 12 pounds I had managed to lose at the beginning of 2011. I experimented with diets & although it's not perfect, it's definitely getting better. How does one resist things like bacon or peanut butter cups, anyway? Still working on that.

With the momentum from my successes in 2011, I plan on pushing it hard in 2012. I've got a boxing trainer lined up, which I'll start working with in March. I'm hoping to not break my nose...or get a black eye...or have my arms fall off. So if none of those things happen, I plan on starting my personal training program sometime this summer/fall. It's expensive, so I don't want to make any promises to myself yet but I'm determined to get the ball rolling this year!

As for the present moment, things are starting off well. I did a total of 4 workouts this week which consisted of 155 minutes total & I burned 1,985 calories. That's an average of almost 13 calories per minute. Whew! I'm giving my muscles a break today, but will jump back into the workout game tomorrow.

What are you doing to improve your self in 2012?


  1. Striving to get healthy this year as much as I can and lose 30+ pounds to have a baby next year hopefully:)

    1. That's great! I think everyone should try to get in tip top shape before getting pregnant. Good luck! :)