February 27, 2012


roses trader joes

This weekend I...

+ Purchased new Wayfarers & a pretty pair of $200 shoes for $20.
+ Went to a George Harrison tribute show at Mercy Lounge. (happy bday, george!)
+ Slow danced at a karaoke bar to some terrible country music.
+ Ate my body weight in mexican food at Rose Pepper.
+ Watched Office Space, Take Shelter, & too many episodes of Teen Mom than I'm willing to admit.
+ Spent an afternoon with my bestie eating greek food & grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.
+ Napped alot.
+ Watched The Oscars with my family while eating ice cream sundaes.
+ Did alot of day dreaming. Future plans, present goals, etc.

Can't wait to do it all again next weekend!

1 comment:

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