February 15, 2012


valentines day instagram

Happy (late) Valentine's Day, friends!

Mine was spent with my dear friend Shanda. We spent our evening at my house watching our faaavorite (sarcasm)(jk it is my favorite) documentary & torturing ourselves with sausage & soap flavored jelly beans. Sounds like a pathetic evening for two single 20-somethings, but we really enjoyed ourselves. :)

This week has unfolded to be a quiet one, which is just what I needed. I've managed to keep the house clean & get in a few workouts. It seems that productivity might be the cure for everything. I've really been staying on top of my to-do list lately & I've noticed a big change in my mood. I'm also more tired at night which is helping change my forever-challenging & near terrible sleep habits.

I've heard that one of the best things you can do for yourself to be productive & highly effective in your day is to simply GET OUT OF BED in the morning.

This is yet to be seen...

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