December 7, 2010

A craft : Snowflakes!

My parents house, where I'm currently living, is beautifully decorated for Christmas. I decided to finally get to work on my bedroom. I have a pink tinsel tree that I decorate with a Candyland theme every year. Since I am not in my own place this year, I decided to set it up in my bedroom. It looks pretty darling & my cat, Cloee, definitely enjoys all the hanging ornaments. I'm just hoping she doesn't break any...

I also decided to get to work on learning how to make paper snowflakes. I need to make roughly a million for my Christmas party next weekend. I sat in bed tonight with itunes on shuffle, reading tutorials & snipping away. I found this one and this one to be very helpful. I decided to hang a few over my bed using twine. I plan on adding about twenty more to it & leaving it up for the rest of winter...or maybe even all year!

Snow is one of my favorite things, I'll have you know. :)

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