December 6, 2010

Na Na Na Na Na Na

This past weekend was absolutely perfect. I am a very big fan of live music. I enjoy big production concerts just as much as small, acoustic house shows. I got lucky this weekend and was able to enjoy both. :) Saturday night was spent in Nashville with my bestfriend, Lauren's, boyfriend, who I've been keeping company since she's been away in Europe for three months (but comes home next week! eek!!). He invited me along to a small house show on the East side where the above photo was taken. Four amazing guys played guitar & sang their hearts out. There are some truly talented people in Nashville. It really amazes me sometimes. It also amazes me how kind people are here in the south. I felt so cozy and welcome the entire night, despite being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces.

Then on Sunday, I enjoyed myself at the Michael Buble concert. What a fantastic show that was. The stage was beautiful and he had a full band complete with horns and strings. Not only is that man more attractive than I ever thought possible, but he has a voice like butter. He talked alot in between songs & sometimes I forgot that I was even at a sold-out arena show. He makes you feel like you're in some obscure, small comedy club. I've included a few photos & will post a video of the song "Home" below once it uploads to youtube. It's one of my favorites. :)

*I apologize for my lack of photos of my new do! But I just haven't had the chance to photograph it. But I promise, that will come this week!


  1. Looks like fun! I want to go to more concerts :)

  2. I actually adore the buble!