December 12, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

This photo was taken by my brother outside of J. Alexanders, where we had lunch today. I took it for the purpose of sending it to Lauren to show her Nashville's first snow of the season. Then I realized, it's the first photo of me that has been taken with my brown hair! So, it's ended up here on the blog.

I am completely attached to that leopard print scarf & I find myself wearing it nearly every day. The coat is from H&M circa 2006. I can't believe it's still in such good condition! I haven't been very kind to it...

These past few days have had me completely consumed with work. I managed to find a few hours last night to see the latest Harry Potter installment. I was very impressed & I think it might just be the best film I saw all year. Not sure if there was a different Director of Photography for this film but the look and feel felt so much different than the others.

Tonight I sit at home completely snowed in. By completely snowed in, I mean there are about 2-3 inches of snow covering the streets out here in Arrington. I'm sure you northerners are laughing...
We had to close up the shop early tonight & I don't see us being open very long tomorrow. We'll see what management decides! Until then, I'm going to get in some kitty cuddles & continue watching Bertrand Russell clips on youtube. Goodnight, friends.


  1. this is margo btw
    haha anyway i have somethings in my closet that i havent worn in forever. but now i am wearing them again. i have a purple peacoat that i never wore and i bought it 2 years ago. NOW im wearing it again. :] anyway you look so cute in that picture! and nice hair btw :D

  2. i have not seen snow in so long, the only thing i hate about west texas. you and your blog are so pretty and winter-y. ♥

  3. @margo - <3 you! & still continue to read your livejournal. so i'm glad to see you've followed me here.

    @sparkledheart thank you! :) we don't see alot of snow here in middle tennessee either but it's looking like we're going to have a white christmas!