January 9, 2011

Birth Day

Yesterday's was Shanda's birthday. We have been friends since we were six and have celebrated many, many birthdays together. I was particularly excited about celebrating this year because we decided to try a new restaurant that we had never been to before. We rarely do this since we are all so stuck on our favorites (like PM, PF Changs & J. Alexanders). So, this year we chose City House as our celebratory spot. We (as in Shanda, myself, & all our best girlfriends) enjoyed large helpings of gnocchi & pasta, sparkling cocktails, & really yummy desserts. We continued the fun the next night at Whiskey Kitchen. Of course, many grainy photos we're taken via iphone.

I've been overwhelmingly busy lately. I'm fully committed to getting a little more focused this week though. I've got another full week of work but I am determined to squeeze in atleast 4 days at the gym & hopefully a creative project of some sort. I've also got a few features & alot more content that I'll be adding to the blog this month, which I'm very excited about.

January is all about new beginnings.
I'm ready to get this show on the road!


  1. good for you guys, trying new restaurants for special occasions is always so unpredictable, especially when you know how good the old places are! haha

  2. lil lady, you've inspired me to give my blogspot another chance! I added you. I'm stoked to be able to read your entries again.