January 3, 2011

a year in review

(I've never done a year in review, but decided this year I definitely wanted to start a new tradition! Click the links to be routed to my old blog on livejournal.)

In January I rung in the new year with a party in which all my best friends attended; I nearly broke my ankle while leaving Taco Mamacita; I was unemployed for a whole 30 days; I attended the symphony for the first time; The name for my future business was born; & I learned the difference between love and commitment.

In February I started my first big girl job; I found self confidence; but decided to hide under my single skin; I got my first pair of Burberry frames; I became OBSESSED with fitness & starting running outside for the first time.

In March & April I fell head over heels in lust with someone for the first time; I became a vegetarian & became obsessed with learning about food; I moved into my own apartment in Franklin & paid my bills for the first time; I became completely overwhelmed & stressed out with my job; I threw a bridal shower for my sister in law; & I attended a Drake concert at Vanderbilt, which re-inspired my love of hip hop.

In May my world was turned completely upside down when my town was flooded. I realized the true meaning of pain, devastation, & loss; I attended Kayla's college graduation in Indiana & Shanda's in Kentucky; My brother got MARRIED!; & I attended my first crawfish boil.

In June & July my perspective started shifting; Haley came to visit; I threw my bestfriend a French circus themed birthday party; I welcomed an ivory leather jacket into my life; I vacationed with my parents & Kayla in Rosemary Beach; & I realized how miserable my life was making me & decided changes needed to be made...

In August I cut my hair off; I started this blog; I became obsessed with Hanson after seeing their live show in Nashville; I attended Lauren's graduation from Belmont; I had a big birthday bash at Virago & turned 22; I rejoined twitter; I read The Power & rediscovered my spirituality.

In September & October I quit my miserable day job & started my current job at Francesca's Collections; I celebrated being single for a whole year; Lauren moved to France for three months & my life changed dramatically; I learned the art of "putting yourself out there"; I watched all 6 seasons of Sex & The City; I dressed up as a Baller-ina for Halloween; & I realized I had finally fallen out of love with my ex boyfriend.

In November & December I reached a sort of happiness & fulfillment that I had never felt before; I traveled to Atlanta to see Hanson & met Zac; I quit blogging on livejournal (which I'd been doing since 2004) & moved to blogspot full time; I moved in with my parents; I worked myself to death & got mono for the 2nd time; I welcomed Lauren back to America; I threw a big Christmas party & realized my feelings were changing for someone; I had a lovely, lazy Christmas with my beautiful family; & I rung in the new year with my very bestfriends & got more than my fair share of kisses at midnight.

Now here I sit, three days into 2011 and I am in disbelief how much my life has changed in the past year. I am happier than I have ever been and proud of all the hard work I have put in to get to this point. All I can say is that I am so very excited for this year. It's going to be a good one...


  1. As someone who has e-followed you (hehe) for what seems like YEARS now.. (it has to be like 4 or 5 at least.. sheesh!) i'm so happy to see what you're doing with your life, you're happy and inspiring! happy 2011!

  2. I just looked at some of my livejournal comments from 2005 and there were definitely some from you! So crazy!