June 9, 2011

30 Day Detox : An Update

I am 17 days into my 30 Day Detox challenge, so I thought I'd do a little update!
Things have been going well. I wish I could say I'm half way to accomplishing every goal, but such is life! As much as I love setting goals, I also think it is important to take every day as it comes. & sometimes, life just doesn't go how you plan. What can ya do, really?

I have accomplished a few things though! See my original list of goals here.
1. I've been spending MUCH more time outside that I usually do. Outdoor concerts, afternoon jogs, lots of cookouts & pool time, eating outside at restaurants, etc etc etc. My job has also allowed me to be outside alot in these past couple of weeks. I'm loving my new tan.
2. I've been drinking ALOT more water. Because I've been outside so much, my water intake has increased significantly. I can definitely see a change in my skin. It's been clearer & more smooth.
3. I've allowed time for myself to eat breakfast at home a few times. However, I haven't managed to plan & cook any real meals for myself. I've whipped up a few things but I'd hardly call it a meal...
4. I've been doing great in the mental department. I've been extremely confident in these past couple of weeks & very happy with the direction my life is going. My confidence got a bit shaken up this past week when we lost an old family friend to suicide. My heart is so broken for the family this man left behind. I've tried to stay positive through the whole ordeal but it's been challenging. I'm just so glad I got to be there for my friends to show my love & support. What a terrible thing to go through.

I still have alot ahead of me! I need to increase my workouts because I've been slacking a bit. I'm still looking for a place to live. I haven't purchased that new record player yet or gone to Cheekwood, but they're on my to-do list! I also need to get to cookin' in the kitchen.

So, here's to the next 13 days! Let's kick some challenge ass!

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  1. Congrats lady, happy that you've accomplished so much that you've set out to do! <3