June 26, 2011

An Update

I don't understand where the days go! They seem to drag on forever as I'm going through the motions but then all of the sudden its been almost two weeks since I've had any time to use the interwebz! Crazy.

Well, here I am. My 30 Day Detox has come to a close (officially on the 22nd) & boy, am I glad I did it! I can't say I accomplished all the goals I set out for myself but I'm very proud of my current mindset. Alot changed in these past 30 days & alot of it has to do with positive attitude which seems to carry me through the rough days.

I did not complete 20 workouts or plan&prepare 3 real dinners for myself. I did however drink alot more water & eat alot more veggies! Eating breakfast at home was a bust too so I'll just have to refocus. I found a place to live in Nashville. WOOP! I'll be moving into my new house on August 6th. It's an adorable house in 12th South. Just a few blocks from my favorite restaurant & favorite bar. What a steal! I'll be living with two of my bestfriends & I am really looking forward to it. Moving always feels like a fresh start. Can't wait...!
I haven't visited Cheekwood yet, but it's on my social calendar, which means it will be happening in the near future! I also didn't purchase a new record player but that's because I figured out how to fix the current one that I have. I did manage to sustain from negative tweeting for 30 days, which I'll be continuing because I love it!

I've decided to write up a whole new set of challenges for myself for the next 30 days. I plan on doing this every month. I'll give myself 4 new goals to accomplish each time. This way I won't feel overwhelmed with having too many tasks to complete. They will range anywhere from fitness goals to social goals as well as everything in between. & hopefully I'll be blogging more! I do so many fun things during the week that I would love to share. I just have to get better about carrying my camera around...but I'm determined!

Come back tomorrow for my list of goals.

What are your goals for the next 30 days?

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  1. Congrats on the 30 day detox and the new beginning :) I've also been trying to make more concise lists of goals in an attempt to better myself this summer...so far it's slow-going! Thanks for the inspiration :)