July 17, 2011

WHAT I WORE : Spilling the lemonade

lileigh lemonade

shirt - fossil ; shorts - gap ; sandals - aldoshoes.com

Sometimes life hands you lemons & in the process of making lemonade, you spill the pitcher all over your new shoes. Damn.

Things don't always turn out how you want them to. Sometimes they go so far in the other direction that you wonder if you're just completely delusional & out of touch with reality. This is how I've felt for the past few days. I had something going quite swimmingly in my life. Until it wasn't swimming anymore. & that something went so far gone, it started to drown. & now I'm left here looking up at the sky saying, "WHAT THE HELL!?"

lileigh lemonade

I've grieved & I'm done. Instead of trying to convince myself that this situation taught me something, I am going to attempt to forget that it ever happened.

With outstretched arms & wide open hands, I'm asking for a new batch of lemons.


  1. Hope things get better! Make that lemonade, girl. Love your yellow shorts!

  2. I just awarded you with the butterfly award. check my blog for rules and details!

    chelsea love

  3. I hope you get your lemons! Either way, your outfit is fierce.