December 29, 2011


Australian Shepherd Lab Mix
My puppy, Macallen. My favorite part of 2011.

A Year In Review

In January, I spent the first day of the year recovering from a wonderful NYE; Celebrated Shanda's birthday at City House; I started dying my hair from home instead of in a salon, which I had been doing for almost 10 years; I was having a blast working at Francesca's; & the lady friends & I made a night of Adventure Science Center's Way Late Play Date.

In February, it snowed a little; I got stuck while driving in the snow for the first time ever (terrifying!); I planned a mini Valentine's Day party with my bests where we dined at J. Alexanders & saw Bieber's Never Say Never in a big theatre all by ourselves; I pondered moving to Texas; & I started working out alot.

In March, I discovered Two Door Cinema Club & purchased Adele's 21. Both albums spoke so much to my life. They remain two of my favorites; I dyed my hair dark again for the first time in a long time; I wrote a post about my tattoos which continues to be the most popular entry on here; I spent alot of evenings at JJ's Wine Bar; & I landed an unexpected interview with Harley-Davidson.

In April, I kissed my Frannies goodbye & started work at Harley-Davidson; My anxiety got the best of me & became a challenging focal point in my life; I had to say goodbye to my precious pup, Boston. He was such a light in my life; I read Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman & cried like a baby; & I road tripped to Cookeville with my bests to see my first step show. Yep.

In May, I saw my future husband, Tom Jones, in concert; I let go of alot of pain & grief that I had been holding onto for a long time; The ladies & I threw a surprise party for Lauren's boyfriend, David; I went on a mini tweeting hiatus & took part in a 30-day emotional detox; & I attended my first bike show.

In June, I attended a Willie Nelson concert that our shop sponsored; My social life kicked into high gear; I went on my first business trip to Atlanta; Tragic circumstances brought old friends back into my life; & I started goal writing again.

In July, I saw U2 in concert at Vanderbilt; Spent the 4th with my besties watching the fireworks downtown; Purchased my first pair of Wayfarers; Celebrated Lauren's birthday Italian style; Attended the Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj concert; I had big falling out with a boy; I discovered one of my new favorite movies, Harold & Maude; I signed on my house in Nashville & took the leap to live with my two best friends.

In August, I got promoted at work to my current position as general manager; Quickly moved into my new place & then went on vacation; I swam in the ocean for the first time; I purchased my first black (faux) leather jacket; & I had the most EPIC birthday party ever.

In September, I created my 23 Things list; I read Elizabeth Gilbert's Committed & it rocked my world; My parents welcomed a new puppy into the family; & I started drinking Green monsters.

In October, I saw Justin Bieber in the flesh; I celebrated the opening of my bestfriend's little sister's tattoo shop; I started caring about my wardrobe again; I visited a local farm & pumpkin patch; Had an epic Halloween where I dressed as Carol Ann from Poltergeist; & I began my leap into veganism.

In November, I started work on my dream bedroom; We threw a Bros & Hoes party for Kayla's birthday; I fell fast & hard for a dreamer; I celebrated Thanksgiving with family & friends; & I went to ALOT of shows.

In December, I saw my most favorite band, Hall & Oates, at The Ryman; I attended a Christmas party dressed as a Christmas tree; I got a new hairstyle a bit out of my comfort zone but that I'm totally in love with; I reconnected with more old friends; I had a beautiful Christmas with my family + Alexis; I attended even more shows; & I came to my senses.

All in all, I think it was a pretty fantastic, productive, inspiring year. It most certainly had its ups and way down lows, but I came out on top in the end, which I can't really say is true of every year.

I am very much looking forward to everything that 2012 has to offer. Bring on Armageddon!

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